The purpose of this blog other than shameless self promotion is to keep track of and share some of the adventures my daughter Remy and I have while we are living here in Bali.

My hope is that all who read it find little bits of humor or wisdom that they can relate to in their lives as single moms. For all
moms that want to travel or live outside of the USA, I hope you will find useful information here. For anyone that has ever wondered what it would be like to pull up roots with your children and go to some exotic place, here's a little insight to the bliss of it and less than bliss of it.

From the Kitchen


Indonesia has always been known as the "Spice Islands." Amazingly Indonesian food is one of the last international cuisines to make a name for itself in the West.

Look in here not only for local recipes, but for anything interesting that we create in our Balinese kitchen. If you love to try new things and different flavors, look here for great ideas.

The Remedy Room


Bali has become the center for those interested in the "healing arts." It does take some careful sifting, but one can find useful information about traditional and natural types of healing processes.

I've found learning about natural herbs and the medicinal qualites of those and certain foods to be very interesting. Look here for a variety of info that pertains to healing from many perspectives.

Kozy Karma

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